No matter how large or small your event is, capturing it on HD video can can preserve amazing memories that single images can not! contact us for a quote today!

One of the best parts about today's world is that we can capture so many memories using our phones and hand held cameras however; a lot of these moments are forgotten, disconnected and stored away on hard drives never to be shared with family and friends.
Patrick has spent the last decade working with video editing software to make music videos and documentaries. He is able to piece together all of your favourite memories into a well thought out feature with background music of your choice. Whether it be photos, video, or a combination of both, the final product is a wonderful way to capture a slice of your life you can share for generations.
//The Harris Family
The Harris family's request was simple. They wanted a happy video focusing on the arrival of their newest addition to the family, Jude. They had a collection of random moments over the past year but now they have a great video to show at Jude’s 21st birthday that he may even show his own family one day!
"We are thrilled with how the video turned out! Patrick was able to capture some wonderful moments and we received it in such a short amount of time. We're so pleased with the result and reasonable pricing that we have returned four more times!"
- Thank you to the Harris family for allowing us to share their special memories -
VHS Conversion
Technology has moved so fast in the past two decades. It is easy to forget that a lot of our memories are gathering dust in the form of VHS. Patrick not only has the equipment to revitalise your videos into the modern age, but can also cut them down into an entertaining package.
                                                              from this
to this
Pricing varies for any of the video services Patrick offers. Most of it can be time consuming depending on how big of a job you require. To get a personal quote for your particular needs, don't hesitate to contact us directly.
//Rich & Cath's Wedding
Rich had a random collection of video and photos of their big day.  Patrick cut together an entertaining twenty minute presentation of all the highlights from the church to the reception. This was a wonderful present to Cath for their five year anniversary.
this video is just a short example.
- Thank you to Rich and Cath for allowing us to share their special memories -
The reasons why, and in what style you may like your videos presented, are endless.  Patrick enjoys working close with his clients to produce something they will love. All personal content provided is fully confidential and is treated as such. Below are more ideas and examples as to why a personal edited video is the perfect gift and a wonderful way to reflect on our lives.
Make your special day something you can share with family and friends forever.
Whether it be family holidays, music videos, special events or even just years of memories consolidated into one or many entertaning packages. Put it off no longer and get in touch with us today!
Sadly death is a part of life but a video collage is one of the best ways to reflect and celebrate a loved one.
No matter how old the footage and in what format, we can help.
If video editing is something you would like to learn, Patrick offers lesson for beginners within the Columbia Valley area.
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